West & East Coast Warehousing & Distribution


Air Sea America has over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space where we provide a variety of services to our customers. Being a medium size company we are able to provide personalized attention to your shipment and warehouse needs. Services include but not limited to:
Warehouse and Distribution

  • Short term and long term storage
  • Sort by SKU
  • Bar coding
  • Palletizing
  • Pick and Pack
  • Displays
  • Returns
  • Web Orders
  • EDI
  • Customer Specific Requirements


Air Sea America is the US Distributor for many of our customers. With warehouses in Seattle and Jacksonville, we are strategically located for efficient distribution across the US. We are EDI compliant and have experience working with major retailers. ASA has discounted contracts with major trucking companies and courier companies providing further cost savings to our customers.

Fulfillment & Pick and Pack

When an order is received, we pick it and get it ready for shipment. A packing slip and shipping label is printed and the order is shipped to your customer. The tracking information is sent to you so you can monitor the shipment. ASA adheres to the strict shipping guidelines for major retailers

Bonded Warehouse

Air Sea America’s bonded warehouse provides customers storage of goods on which payment of customs duties are deferred until our clients are ready to remove the goods from the warehouse. At that time, duties must be paid.

Upon entry of goods into the ASA bonded warehouses in Jacksonville or Seattle, the importer incurs no duty liability until the importer chooses to officially submit goods for entry to US Customs. The goods are stored duty free until:

  • Exported; or deemed exported.
  • Withdrawn for supplies to a vessel or aircraft in international traffic.
  • Destroyed under Customs supervision; or
  • Withdrawn for consumption domestically after payment of duty.


The bonded warehouse can be a great asset for imported products that have a high duty rate, such as garments.

Inventory Control Management

Shipping is quick and easy with our inventory control management system. You will have easy access to your inventory via the web.

Inventory Control Management

Place and Track Inventory Online

Inventory Control Management

Inventory Control and Management

Inventory is Taken From Our Warehouse

Inventory Control and Management

Shipped to your Customer

Shipped to your Customer



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Why Seattle?

The Port of Seattle and Tacoma has a 13 to 14 day transit from China. The ports are less congested than California ports quickly allowing goods to be off loaded and distributed throughout the US.





Why Jacksonville?
Jacksonville’s strategic geographic location offers many advantages for expanding business. With access to more than 55 million consumers within an eight-hour drive, Jacksonville is located at the crossroad of three interstate highways and has excellent rail connections with CSX and Norfolk Southern.