Export Services

Air Service

Air Sea America is an IATA Carrier and provides Air Export Services from Export Servicesanywhere in the USA to destinations around the world. Our long time overseas partners can handle destination services, including customs clearance and delivery. We can also arrange insurance coverage. We will provide direct routing at a competitive rate. Air Sea America is TSA Certified.

Ocean Service

Air Sea America is an NVOCC and can export your cargo to all major overseas ports. Just like our air freight service, our long time partners will provide customs clearance and arrange the delivery to all worldwide locations. We can also arrange insurance coverage.

USA to Canada

Air Sea America can provide ground transportation across the border to Canada. We are registered in Canada to provide customs clearance on your behalf. We consolidate multiple orders and arrange one customs clearance in Canada. We can also arrange the Canadian Distribution from Vancouver and Toronto.

Jacksonville to Puerto Rico, Brazil and Latin America

Puerto Rico is both the top import and export trade partner for Jacksonville by tonnage space. Our Jacksonville warehouse can handle all export requirements via the port’s weekly sailings.

Jacksonville has weekly service to the Caribbean, Central and South American destinations including Brazil, which is Florida’s #1 trading partner.